Thursday 8 September 2016

Indian music

The vast region of the Indian subcontinent is home to many different people. Hundreds of musical traditions exist side by side, each with their own songs, dances and instruments. Different Instruments are favoured in different areas.

Stringed instruments such as the sitar and the bowed fiddle are both popular in north India, while a range of flutes and trumpets are flavoured in the south. But the best known Indian classical music comes from the north.

Most of their music is based on a complex sequence of scales called ragas, each one is to a certain mood time of day or season. To play this kind of music with its complicated patterns of notes and rhythms takes many years of practice. The voice is also most considered as an instrument.

Most are faithful songs inspired by the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist faiths. The soaring expressive melodies Qawwali music, played in India and Pakistan, are thought to bring the performer and listener closer to God.

India music can be played with so many different instruments and rhythms and over 200 different ragas.

Friday 2 September 2016

Pollution ( class speech )

Pollution can be nosie, air, rubbish,oil ,raw sewage or dirty water. But today I will be focusing on water/sea pollution. What causes sea pollution?Well most sea pollution is caused by dumping rubbish, raw sewage, oil or fossil fuels. A good indicator of pollution is CO2 ( carbon dioxide).Another common way to cause pollution is a oil spill. All fuel, rubbish and raw sewage have effects on marine animals lives. Habit get invaded and marine animals lose family members. Sadly this is caused by humans. I can call out an number on how many animals get killed in a year. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we help stop this and make a difference because rubbish junk food rappers coke bottles and other rappers are trashing our committees all around new Zealand and even the world.
Another reason why is one day marine animals will be nothing more. For example imagine a poor harmless turtle against plastic wrap. Wrapped around the turtle. Strangling him with hardly any breath left. Finally the turtle gives up and drifts to the ground. Many animals die like this. That’s not ok. This doesn’t just happen in the sea it can happen on highways  beaches basketry anywhere. Alot  of animals lives are at risk. Even at your pets.You may be wondering where all this rubbish comes from? Some people recycle their plastic and tin items and some people don't and that's a big problem.This is half the reason why many animals get killed. Recycling and putting rubbish in the bin a starting point. Be a tidy kiwi.So step up and stop pollution and think about what your doing and what its doing before you do it . HELP STOP POLLUTION!!!

By Ebony 


Sunday 28 August 2016

The Dodo bird ( a information report)

Have you ever heard the exasperation “ as dead as a dodo”.

A long way away 500 miles east of Madagascar and 1200 miles east of Africa lie Mauritius an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

The dodo was a light, blue, gay feather bird. With thick hookedx dark brown bill and large yellow feet with sharp black claws. This bird was only on meter tall and only weighed 10 to 18 kgs. 

The dodos had no natural predators or enemies. But as soon as the hungry aggressive human population gue, the dodos were gone by the 17th century.

Why were they easy to catch: 
Well dodos birds nested on the ground which made it easy pickings for hungry dogs and rats. But dodos didn’t know what predators were and were to slow to evacuate their nests.

The dodo ate ripe fruit that had fallen to the ground, eating the fruit of Calvaria major tree( which is often called the dodo tree) 

The extinct date: 
Unfortunately the dodos were completely wiped out by 1681 and the very last sighting was 1662 saw by Charles Norton.

Scientific name:
The scientific name for this bird is Raphus cucullatus.

These and now extinct birds are now part of most cartoon comedies and well known in Alice and wonderland. But the dodos life is still a mystery.

Tuesday 9 August 2016

The Face ( a recount )

Are all your friends happy to see you all the time?

The sound of joy filled the cinema entrance.As striding down a steap carpet ramp. I suddenly saw a little face, it just popped out of nowhere.A bright little smile smirked at me as appearing into the room.”Ebony”!!! it screamed as its large jore stretched open. I could see little kernels stuck in between her teeth. She quietly and quickly shuffled over to me like a hermit crab looking for a shell.”Hi” she said surprising. Then she turned around looked at her mum and gave her a curious look.

The video games the evil soft toy and the flashing lights took her attention away. I should've known. As she drifted over to the games area. I just stared at her, watching every move.She tried every machine
curiously wanting a prize desperately.”Come on come on” she said quietly. Suddenly her face dropped with sadness welling up in her eyes. As there was no prizes left alone in the prize slot.she huffed and puffed heavily in and out.

she took no notice of me in the corner cheating away to Lexi. As the machines had already planned her next move. Doesn't she know that those machines only last five minutes and friendship can last forever.

Writen by Ebony

Saturday 16 July 2016

What to do?

Buzz!!!! Ding, ding. Mr Spices back fills out the glass from behind the door. Creek… He got full attention.Everyone heads turned in unison. Constantly. Like they were glued to him”Right writing time’’.He exclaimed.
’’Ohhhhhhhh’’. Everyone face dropped instantly.
’’Make sure it's a recount’’.
’’Can we do a narrative’’.Catherine and Teague blurted.’’There fun and I like them’’. 
NO!!! Grumbled Mr Spice.”Go back to your desks please”.So I dragged my feet along the hard floor and plonk my body on my desk. I shove my hand into my tray and pull out my books and grab my pens.

Now what to write about? ”Mr Spice”.Regan blurted.What am I doing? He said foolishly. 
”Go to your desk please”! Mr Spice said with anger. Regan always does that. As I look back at my paper. What to do, what to do I thought. I know I'll write about  my horrible motel I had to stay in at Tokoroa. Never going back there again ever. Errrrrrrrrrccccccc!!! As almost hitting my paper with ink. My mind suddenly went blank. So I waddled over to Mr Spice for inspiration.

 He said  you can write about anything. That so doesn’t help. So I wandered back to my desk. I still have no idea what to write about. What about my netball game? I got player of the day but still nar. What about swimming 40 lengths every Tuesday night nar. Ding dong is that the bell yes I said in relief it will have to wait till tomorrow. But I still have nothing to write about.

Friday 1 July 2016

Delicious chocolate cupcakes

110 grams of butter
¾s of a cup of white sugar 
¾s of a cup of self raising flour
¼s of a cup of cocoa powder 
1 pinch of baking powder
2 eggs

One preheat the oven to 190c. Two get the cupcake tins ready with cupcake cases in them. Three melt the butter in a large bowl in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Four combine all of the other ingredients. Mix well together until smooth. Spoon the mixture into the prepared  cupcakes cases that we did before. Fill the cupcakes cases up ¾s of the way. Then put them in the oven for 15 minutes.

Ingredients for ganesh:
⅔s of a cup of cream
350 grams of dark chocolate ( make sure you break the chocolate into bits)
55 grams of butter

Boil the cream in a pot on the stove. After that mix in the dark chocolate and leave for 5 minutes. Mix together until combine.Next add the butter and mix well again. Make sure it has a shiny coat. Then leave it to cool down. After put the ganesh on the cupcakes. So there you have it  some delicious cupcakes for you and family to share.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

My Horrendous Journey (recount)

Gulp, gulp. I tried to swallow, as a dreadful slip of death lay in front of a built up line of vehicles, trying to get to the other side of this horrendous gorge.

There were slips around the corners, one lane was sealed off, but it still looked frightening. Car after car, after car, they were lined up in a snake-like line that looked like went on forever.

There were shades of dark green trees as far as  I could see and the hill tops looked as dry as old bones. Rushing streams were cleaning up old, dead and shaggy tree branches, on the side of the riverbank. There were brown clumps of old grass in the patchy fields.  Billy goats and sheep, that were barely surviving in this awful place, trudged over old dirt tracks sending clouds of dust into the air.

My stomach felt wobbly from a mixture of being half empty and half anxious. The sun shone brightly as setting down through the hills, leaving dark loamy shadows scattered around the place . Shades of red, orange and yellow filled the sky. Mum leaned to the side of the cliff, just looking down made her body shiver in fear. No houses were in sight, just a rusty timber shed.There was no city or town in sight either.

How long will it take? I said inside my thumping head. It was not a better place then the shaggy and old motel that had just stayed in. I am in a very sticky situation. I wonder what will happen next?